I am primarily a figurative painter. The figures I imagine and develop are involved in the process of a change. The background that surrounds the figures is highly activated with visual imagery related to the subject of the painting and the figures.  The background often implies a wall with painted images, text, codes and fossils. Recently, I have added greater space by posing figures within and on scaffolding. The architectural element of the scaffolding acts as a structured space or a stage for the figures to exist. The skeletal structure of the scaffolding I see as a metaphor for a transparent room where the viewer is the voyeur and/or the figures are within some kind of confine. Repair is implicit with the subject of scaffolding. Currently, I am developing a body of work with figures among sandbags, another type of defined structured, a protective barrier. Where the scaffolding is post events, the sandbags are pre-event.  Finally, I am interested in exhibiting both subjects together, integrating and installing the real objects of sandbags and scaffolding along with the paintings.