MARGARET DAVIS                                                                                    Artist Statement            


The figures I imagine and develop are involved in the process of change. I am interested in both the large scope of change, as in evolution, as well as the individuals. Recent work focuses on images of adolescents among sandbags. The adolescent brain is growing at an extremely rapid rate, and in a state of great plasticity. This plasticity or potential for change render the adolescent’s surroundings a significant contributor to their growth and direction.  The teens I have portrayed are from a variety of environments and cultures, from migrant tent camps to suburbia Midwest. Conceptually, the sandbags imply either barriers or protectors.


The paintings are developed in layers. Initially imagery is applied with multi-media, including; transfers, spray paint and prints. Over those images resin is poured for a glassy and transparent effect. This first layers creates the environmental backdrop for the figure and persona to be developed.  The overall intent is for the viewer to contend with how we as individuals, cultures and political entities help or hinder the teens as they form their adult personas.